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What type of cheese is Mini Babybel ®?

Mini Babybel® is an edam style cheese made from pasteurised milk. It is a semi-hard cheese, made from four ingredients – pasteurised milk, vegetarian rennet, lactic ferments and salt.

What is Mini Babybel ® made of?

Mini Babybel ® is real cheese, made from pasteurised milk. It’s made the traditional way, except that we use vegetarian rennet (not animal rennet) so it’s vegetarian cheese. During cheese-making, we use lactic ferments to give the cheese it’s taste and flavour, and a little salt, to enhance the flavour and keep it safe. There are no other ingredients – just pasteurised milk, vegetarian rennet, lactic ferments and a little salt.

Is Mini Babybel ® real cheese?

Yes. It’s made by a traditional cheese-making process, using just 4 ingredients for Babybel ® Original and Light: pasteurised milk, lactic ferments, vegetarian rennet and salt.

Why does Mini Babybel ® contain salt?

Salt is an important part of the traditional cheese-making process. It plays a key role in helping the good ferments to flourish and knocking out the bad ones. It helps the flavour develop and as a natural preservative, keeps the cheese safe to eat.

Where can I purchase Mini Babybel ®?

Mini Babybel ® is widely available to purchase at all major supermarkets in the UK such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda. If you can’t find your favourite Mini Babybel ® product in store, do ask at the customer service desk to see if they have stock.

Is Mini Babybel ® lactose-free?

Yes, Mini Babybel ® is lactose-free cheese (<0.01g/100g). Sometimes people are surprised to learn that Mini Babybel ® is naturally lactose-free. That’s because, any naturally-occurring lactose (of which there isn’t much) is poured away with the whey, and any remaining lactose is transformed during the maturing process by the lactic ferments. However, Mini Babybel ® may not be suitable for people suffering with Galactosaemia.

Is cheese bad for you?

No. In fact, NHS ‘Eat Well Plate’ recommend that we eat some dairy or dairy alternative products every day, as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Mini Babybel ® does not only offer you convenience, but also, as they’re in portions, they are offering portion-control, a proven help in eating the right amount. And if you’re looking for a lower-fat alternative, Mini Babybel ® Light contains 2.4g of fat per portion, that’s less than 65% the fat of Cheddar.

Is it safe to eat Mini Babybel ® cheese while pregnant?

Pregnant woman should always obtain information from their health provider on foods that they can and can’t eat. Mini Babybel ® contains pasteurised milk and is a semi-hard cheese.

Is Mini Babybel ® cheese halal or kosher?

Mini Babybel ® products sold in the UK are not certified halal or kosher. However, they contain no animal products other than cow’s milk.

Is Mini Babybel ® nutritious?

Cheese can play a nutritious role in a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle. Mini Babybel ® cheese is naturally rich in protein and calcium. Protein contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle mass. Calcium is needed for normal growth and development of bone in children. Babybel ® Plant-Based contains a source of calcium.

Does Mini Babybel ® cheese melt?

Yes, Mini Babybel ® will melt when reaching certain temperatures just like most real cheeses. It is important to remove the wax coating before melting the cheese. Please leave to cool before consumption.

Is Mini Babybel ® a soft cheese?

Mini Babybel ® is considered to be a semi-hard cheese. It has a mild, creamy and delicious texture and taste.

Is Mini Babybel ® cheese gluten free?

Mini Babybel ® is a real cheese, with no additional gluten added during manufacturing. We don’t routinely test for the presence of gluten, and therefore by law we can’t claim that Mini Babybel ® is gluten-free.

Can you freeze Mini Babybel ® cheese?

The freezing of Mini Babybel ® is highly discouraged, as the cheese loses its product quality significantly.

Can you eat Mini Babybel ® after the best before date?

Mini Babybel ® is safe to eat after the best before date as long as it looks and smells normal. Mini Babybel should be refrigerated as soon as possible to maintain its high standards. For the best consumption experience we would always recommend eating our product before the best before date.

Can Mini Babybel ® be consumed if it has been left out of the fridge?

As Mini Babybel ® is sealed in wax, the product is safe for consumption if left out of the fridge below 20oC for 2 weeks. There is no Food Safety risk as it’s sealed, but the flavour and texture might be different if the storage temperature is high. The longer the cheese is not refrigerated, the more the taste and texture may be affected.

Is it safe for babies to eat Mini Babybel ®?

To avoid choking hazards for children under 4, cut into bite size pieces. Children should always be supervised while eating.

Why are there so many layers of packaging for Mini Babybel ®? Are they all necessary?

Each element of the Mini Babybel ® packaging has a clear role in keeping our cheese fresh, tasty, and safe to eat. The red wax helps to create a completely airtight seal, protecting and preserving the cheese in proper, hygienic conditions preventing things like mould from occurring and ensuring your Mini Babybel ® is kept safe along its journey. The cellophane completes the cheese protection, preventing the wax from damage and the products from sticking to one another – this is made from wood pulp, cotton or other vegetation. And finally, the net helps to keep all the portions together which uses less plastic than a plastic bag or container. In 2020, we launched a TerraCycle scheme in the UK on our journey to make all our packaging fully recyclable or compostable.

Is Mini Babybel ® packaging recyclable?

Mini Babybel ® packaging is recyclable through teracycle but cannot yet be placed in your recycling bin at home. The TerraCycle scheme in the UK offers customers a simple and free solution to recycle our packaging; they can recycle all Babybel ® packaging elements and is a positive step towards our commitment to becoming 100% recyclable or compostable. You can find more information  here. However, we have dedicated packaging teams that are constantly working to improve our packaging and become 100% home recyclable in the future.

What is Babybel ® wax made of?

Babybel ® wax is made from paraffin and does not include bee’s wax. It’s “food safe” and the wax helps prevent mould and preserves the cheese in proper hygienic conditions until consumption.

Do all Babybel ® products use vegan wax?

The wax that wraps Babybel ® Plant-Based is the same wax as used on our other Babybel ® products. The wax is made of paraffin and does not contain bee’s wax.

What is Babybel ® Plant-Based?

Babybel ® Plant-Based is a fun, dairy alternative to cheese, made from coconut oil and starch. It provides a source of calcium and vitamin B12, all whilst creating an amazingly creamy and smooth texture. Babybel ® Plant-Based is free from dairy, lactose, artificial colours and preservatives.

What type of milk is in Babybel ® Plant-Based?

There is no milk in Babybel ® Plant-Based as it is a dairy-free alternative. The smooth & creamy texture is replicated using coconut oil and each Babybel ® offers a source of calcium and vitamin B12.

Is Babybel ® Plant-Based gluten free?

Babybel ® Plant-Based is made with no additional gluten added during manufacturing. We don’t routinely test for the presence of gluten, and therefore by law we can’t claim that Babybel ® Plant-Based is gluten-free.

Is Babybel ® Plant-Based made in the same facility as Mini Babybel ® Original?

Babybel ® Plant-Based is made in the same facility as our dairy-based Babybel ® products, but we have strict procedures in place to ensure that our plant-based products have no exposure to milk or any other allergens.

Where is Babybel ® Plant-Based available in the UK?

Babybel ® Plant-Based is widely available in ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Waitrose.

Is the Babybel ® Plant-Based packaging recyclable?

The outer packaging which holds the Babybels inside is made from 100% paper and is kerbside recyclable, so can be recycled as paper. The wrapper and wax can be recycled via the Babybel ® Terracycle program. You can find out more here.


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