Vegans often tell us that it can be difficult to find a really good and tasty vegan alternative to cheese. So, we invited vegans, flexitarians and non-vegans along to taste our dairy-free, vegan alternative Babybel ® Plant-Based snack. And we just had to film it!

After trying it for the first time they told us exactly what they thought – good, bad and everything in between. Did it live up to our original little red Babybel ® cheese? Watch as we unzip several unsuspecting Babybels at our taste test experience and get ready to taste along with us. Share your own taste tests with us on Facebook and Instagram. And use the hashtag #MyBabybelTasteTest.

What is Babybel ® Plant-Based?

Launched in 2022, Babybel ® Plant-Based is a fresh take on the classic Babybel ® cheese snack everyone loves. It is the vegan certified snack that’s perfect for any occasion, whether that’s at home watching TV, at work over lunch, or on the go. And it’s creamy and delicious flavour will take you back to your childhood.

“That’s actually the same texture and flavour that I remember and love.”

Babybel ® is so nostalgic. Vegans and non-vegans alike tell us how eating Babybel ® always reminds them of their childhoods. This is something we wanted to capture when we created Babybel ® Plant-Based. And it was this trip down memory lane that we were keen to see if our taste testers agreed with.

For instance, the crunchy sound of the wrapper, unzipping the wax (we swapped the iconic red wax for a new green wax but with the same squishable, mouldable feel) the smell and crucially, the taste…. Would it do the trick? Would it take our taste testers back to when they used to eat Babybel ® cheese snacks as a child?

Vegans and vegetarians tell us they have a tough time finding a cheese alternative that can give them that same smooth texture and cheesy taste experience that they had growing up. The key to our plant-based snack is the flavour. The creaminess of the product does not disappoint and will transport you back to the school playground in no time.

“This definitely brings back memories. It feels very nice and reminds me of home.”

Part of a healthy balance diet for vegans

The dairy-free Babybel ® Plant-Based snack blends coconut oil and starch, and is made without soya. As a source of calcium and vitamin B12, it fits perfectly into a balanced diet making it a great alternative to cheese. To find out what gives our Babybel ® Plant-Based snack it’s irresistible creamy taste, then visit our product page for the full list of ingredients.

Is Babybel ® Plant-Based recyclable?

The health of our planet is also important to us. The new outer paper package is 100% recyclable, and you can recycle the plastic wrapper and wax for each snack through TerraCycle. Find your nearest TerraCycle drop off point.

“Being a Vegan, environmental issues are really important to me.”

 Where to buy your Babybel ® Plant-Based

Available now, you can find our Babybel ® Plant-Based in Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Ocado: